Hello! My name is Vladimir Sereda. Welcome to my site!
     I love to design and construction of radio-controlled models of surface-effect vehicles and aerodynamic ground-effect crafts (definition). The aim of the work presented here is two fold. First to create a series of original toys (RC-models). And secondly, to manufacture next generation commercial surface-effect vehicles. Current activity is the modeling of aerodynamic ground-effect craft and radio-controlled cutters. My cutter combines qualities of an air-cushion ship and a surface-effect vehicle.

Surface-effect vehicle FUTURE! There are some ideas concerning new areas of applying surface-effect vehicles. For example, there is the idea to create a new class of motor vehicles on the principles of surface-effect vehicle - surface-effect bike, or surface-bike. Modern design and up-to-the-minute technology can make the new product popular with motorextreme-lovers, and also take its own niche among motorcycles, jet ski and quads etc. see the picture.

Surface-effect vehicle NEW! June 3rd 2007, the first successful flight of my new model - aerodynamic ground-effect craft - took place, at the airdrome of the town of Vladimir. The fuselage of this craft is a lifting body. It provides lift in unison with the wings. The model flew successfully both in surface-effect mode and in free air mode (altitude of tens of meters). The craft demonstrated excellent stability and sensitivity in both modes, refuting the opinion that surface-effect vehicles can't fly well out of ground effect.
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