Besides the work on type “A” surface-effect vehicle the building of the model which will be the prototype of the 5-seater aerodynamic ground-effect craft (type “C”) have been finished, and the flight calibration have been begun. In the work I set a task of working out such a scheme for aerodynamic ground-effect crafts which would secure the achievement of aerodynamic quality(AQ) at the level of 30-35 on the surface with maintaining of the figure high enough even out of the influence of the surface.

     When aerodynamic ground-effect crafts are out of the ground effect, AQ of the most of them reduces sharply, most often lower than the usual airplane’s level, and this restricts their field of utilization. That is, in actual fact, they can be highly economical only in the band which is narrow enough, that isn’t acceptable in the real exploitation.

     In the present design the contradiction is reduced to minimum with applying of integration and other special features which take into account the experience of the world surface-effect vehicle manufacturing.

   An advance concept renders possible not just to create aerodynamic ground-effect craft, but to find an excellent alternative to usual seaplanes. Such an aircraft plane per se is a real seaplane, only more full-featured, specifically:

        - economical running on the surface;
        - the highest amphibiousness;
        - short takeoff and landing;

    Besides usual cargo and passenger transportation and patrolling (by EMERCOM, fishery conservation etc.) active seaside tourism and recreation can be considered  among  the perspective application fields.